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Taking Charge of Your Health

I want you to go with me on a journey. This is a very personal journey I want to share because I believe you can benefit from my experience. There are three takeaways in my journey. But first, I’ll start from the beginning.

Three years ago, I was working out hard in a body conditioning class. When I got home my left shoulder was soar, a week later my right shoulder was sore, then my wrist. By the third week it was painful to even lift my arms above my waist.

I went to a doctor who ordered a limited blood test but couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was causing my pain. He suggested, its either Rheumatoid Arthritis or Lupus or some other inflammation type of disease. The next thing I know he is writing a prescription for drugs. Wait a minute! STOP RIGHT HERE, I said to the doctor. I would rather not take any drugs before we knowing the diagnosis. Doctor, can we think outside the box and discuss a natural path to take? The doctor said, he does not know anything about supplements, that’s not what he learned in Medical School.

This is the first TAKEAWAY: We have a right to give input regarding our health. Our doctor should listen when we ask detailed questions about their decisions. This doctor told me if I didn’t take the drugs, my Kidneys could be damaged. SCARE TACTICS??? (You’re FIRED). If your doctor is not listening to you, find a new doctor that will.

After a tremendous amount of research and talking to friends, I found an Integrative and functional medicine doctor who believes finding the root cause of an illness first. Working together we developed a care plan that included, healthy food diet, supplements and limited drugs if necessary. She has saved my life.

The second TAKEAWAY: The foods we eat are in direct correlation to how healthy or unhealthy we are. I have learned how my intestinal track (gut) breaks down and absorbs nutrients. I stopped eating refined sugar, wheat, grain, corn, dairy, processed meats and anything that is not certified organic. Of course, no candy or sweet drinks with corn syrup or fructose sugar added. I eat more locally grown vegetables, wild caught fish, pasture raised turkey and lamb (no antibiotics, steroids or GMO). I bake cookies and other treats made from Almond flour, Coconut flour, or Garbanzo bean flour. My sweets come from dates, any type of organic fresh fruit, small amounts of honey or 100% Maple Syrup or a treat of organic dark chocolate. I make my own Almond Milk from organic raw almonds purchased from a local farmer. In the next article I will provide you with a few recipes.

The last TAKEAWAY is a warning. Many companies in the food industry do not make our health a priority. The bottom-line profit is their priority. Did you know that Monsanto Chemical company Genetically Modified the SOYBEAN to make it resistant to the herbicide they spray to kill weeds? I don’t eat anything with SOY in it. When you take control of your health it will save your life down the road. Read labels, talk to the butcher or the person behind the meat counter so you will know where your meats comes from. I have gone as far as to call the farmer to ask questions about what they feed their organic chickens or lamb.

Think of your body as a beautiful, expensive, luxury car; would you use regular gas or premium? My body is a Lamborghini and you will find it parked at a Farmers Market every Saturday. Take Charge of Your Health as soon as possible.

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