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Taking Charge of Your Health

I want you to go with me on a journey. This is a very personal journey I want to share because I believe you can benefit from my experience. There are three takeaways in my journey. But first, I’ll start from the beginning.

Three years ago, I was working out hard in a body conditioning class. When I got home my left shoulder was soar, a week later my right shoulder was sore, then my wrist. By the third week it was painful to even lift my arms above my waist.

I went to a doctor who ordered a limited blood test but couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was causing my pain. He suggested, its either Rheumatoid Arthritis or Lupus or some other inflammation type of disease. The next thing I know he is writing a prescription for drugs. Wait a minute! STOP RIGHT HERE, I said to the doctor. I would rather not take any drugs before we knowing the diagnosis. Doctor, can we think outside the box and discuss a natural path to take? The doctor said, he does not know anything about supplements, that’s not what he learned in Medical School.</