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Promises Kept - The Alford Story


Dear Alford Family,

The perseveration of the Alford Family Legacy has been a family goal that predates generations of family members. Since the inception of The Alford Family Council, the Council has been diligent in its effort to maintain the Alford Family Legacy.

As you are aware, the original family book, Promises, was written by matriarch, Dr. Wessylyne Alford-Simpson. Promises focused on the history of Solomon Alford’s 7 children, as well as family biographical information of our generations.

Since Promises was published, we have continued to collect family data in an effort to prepare to publish an updated version of our family history, “Promises Kept.” "Promises Kept" will not only honor the work set forth by Dr. Alford-Simpson, but it will also capture the Alford Family Legacy’s growth since Promises.

If we are to continue to maintain the Alford Family Legacy, we will need assistance from each family member from across the nation. Your input is needed to ensure the accuracy of our lineage. Therefore, please submit your family information by March 15, 2021. The content of your input should include the following:

1. *Name

2. Alford lineage

3. Photo (if it is a group photo, please include all names)

4. *Optional: Additional info can be included such as: college attended, military service, profession, business owned, fraternity/sorority affiliation, etc.

5. Submit your info via email to:

6. Or you may submit via text/sms to: 281-773-6756

*Include every member of your immediate family (and spouses). Please share this information with all family members! It is our goal to include every single member of the Alford Family Legacy!!!

You will be notified on how to purchase a copy of Promises Kept at a later date. Purchases will be made online and books will be shipped direct.

Remember, the deadline for your submittal is MARCH 15, 2021. Preserving our legacy is the best stimulus package you can get!

With much love,

Emmett R. Roberts

Alford Family Council President

MyTay R. Green & Gloria Alford Carr

Alford Family Communications


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