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SugarPie’s 80th Zoom Birthday Bash

Wanda J. Alford aka SugarPie

Date/Time: Sunday, September 5th from 2-4pm

Meeting ID: 917 591 0865

Passcode: H13DLc


What is a Matriarch? A matriarch is an older woman who is powerful within a family or who is the head of the family or tribe.

On September 5, 1941, Vernon “Gutchey” Alford and Ida Lee Alford blessed us with “Our” matriarch, Zenobia Wanda Jean Alford; we affectionately call her “SugarPie.”

Throughout her 80 years, our matriarch SugarPie, has continuously proven to be:

Loving and Caring

Quite but Loves Hard

Sweet and Understanding

Strong and Always Patient

Witty and Fun

Forever Loved and Selflessness

Kind and Long Suffering

She has always been devoted to her family while showing her generous, adoring, gentle and compassionate side. All the while, remaining true to herself with her “Fiery Spirit“. As a family we know there’s so much more that has not been said to describe, our “SugarPie Honey Bunch.” But collectively we gather to wish all the best.

We love you SugarPie! Happy 80th Birthday

-Gutchey & Ida Lee’s Descendants

Wanda J. Alford aka SugarPie is the daughter of Vernon “Gutchey” Alford & Ida Lee Alford; and granddaughter of Lafayette “Fate” Alford.

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