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A Word From Our President


Welcome Alford's! It is with great pleasure that we introduce the mission and vision of the Alford Family Council.  We have been working hard since our formation to deliver on the promises made at the 2016 Alford Reunion.

Our vision is threefold:

  - Articulate, pursue, and achieve family participation through

gathering together and communication

  - Understand and develop programs in support of scholarships, education and resources

  - Have a significant, positive impact on the younger and future generations of the Alford family.

Our full council meets quarterly and we invite you dial  in to hear more about the work that is being done.

We thank you for the opportunity and look forward to helping the Alford dream come to fruition.  

Emmett Signature.png

Emmett R. Roberts

Meet Our Council

Dr. Lee V. Patterson

Vice President

Gwynell Wilson


Stephanie Morgan


Gloria Alford-Carr

Co-Director of Communications

MyTay Green

Co-Director of Communications

Our Mission

The mission of the Alford Family Association is to restore, preserve and improve the Alford legacy and enhance educational opportunities within our community.

Our Comittees


Collects historical data regarding regarding family history and genetics. Makes family tree information available to the family.

Director:  Edward "Kip" Jackson, Jr.

Time & Place

Serves as a mentor and resource for reunion planning and organization.

Director:  TBD

Political Action

Acts as a resource for the family on political matters. Provides education and information on various government and political topics.

Director:  Sandra Kennedy


Assist and encourage Alford family members who are pursuing higher education goals, by providing scholarships funded by family donations

Director:  Patricia Calahan

Develop, administers and maintains the 
website, social media and digital media for the family.

Director: MyTay Black-Green

Health & Wellness

Educate and inform the family about health matters plaguing our family. Provide tools and resources on inherited familial illnesses.

Director: Sharon Brown 

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