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Lillian Anita Patton

Lillian Anita Patton was born July 30, 1944 in Clearview, Oklahoma to the late John P. Patton and Elizabeth Alford Patton. She was the fourth of eleven children.

Lillian spent her primary years riding horses, fishing; working on her parents’ farm. She was very close to her grandmother Lydia Thibodeaux Alford who helped raise her; who she is named after. She also grew up studying the Bible and attended the Kingdom Hall in Okemah, Oklahoma. Being from a large family, Lillian was very independent and was able to make her own money to help buy the things she wanted or needed.

This strong work ethic was also seen in her studies at Clearview Public School, where she attended elementary, junior high, and high school; was a straight A student. Lillian was very active in school and became the senior class President and Valedictorian of 1962.

After high school, Lillian attended college in Wilburton, Oklahoma where she majored in education from 1962-65. Lillian spent most of her years in the medical field as a CNA and in medical records. The most important job she had was as a mother and grandmother where she raised/mentored her children to be the best that they could be.

Lillian loved her family and enjoyed telling her children historical stories of the family.

Funeral services were held on October 29, 2016 at at the Clearview gymnasium in Clearview, Oklahoma.

Lillian is the daughter of Elizabeth Alford Patton; Granddaughter of James Willie Alford; and G/Granddaughter of Lafayette Alford.

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