2018 Alford Reunion Recap


“Shoot!! We forgot to do that!” This is something you won’t hear about the 2018 Alford Family Reunion. We Came – We Conquered. It was truly an OKC takeover!!! I think we can agree that the reunion was a huge success, and after such a fun weekend we were energized and proud to have family members, both immediate and extended, that we enjoy so much.

At 4 pm on 7/4/2018 the co-hosts arrived in OKC to commence “Ordinary Family, Doing Extraordinary things.”

What do you get when you cross a family reunion with live entertainment, balloon art, Moonjump, Video Game Truck, selfie booth, and the world’s most awesome family? The ALFORD FAMILY TAKEOVER!!!! 166+ people showed up on Friday, July 6 – July 8 in Oklahoma City, OK for the biggest takeover to date! This epic event bought relatives from around the world to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for a family reunion weekend of grand activities.

The Montellano Event Center proved to be the perfect place to bring family and friends together in one place for an unforgettable family reunion experience. It was easy to get around, comfortable, beautiful accommodations, gracious hosts, and awesome amenities, etc. There was something for everyone!!!

Friday (July 6, 2018)

Registration started promptly at 4:00. Approximately 162 family members registered wearing the attire for the day, college fraternity/sorority gear. There was a meet and greet from 6:00 – 11:00PM in the Beverly Room. Dinner was provided by Sterling and Melissa Alford. The menu consisted of a delicious spaghetti dinner with salad, drinks and dessert. And, of course, awesome and lively conversation throughout the Beverly Room. Great fellowship and renewing of acquaintances!!

In addition, the younger kids were invited to a “swim party” in the hotel pool. What fun!!! Meanwhile, the teens seemed to have hit the jackpot. The Video Game Truck hosted in the hotel parking lot was

a huge hit for the young AND the more mature. Everyone had a blast and wished it could have lasted longer!!

Saturday (July 7, 2018)

The Business Meeting was conducted. Proceedings were presided by the family council and

included: President - Emmett R. Roberts, Secretary - Shani B. Alford, Communications - Gloria Alford-Carr & Mytia Green, along with the Alford family attendees. Meeting highlights included:

  • Voting and Unveiling of family crest

  • Copies of Wessylyne Alford Simpson book “Promises” provided by Uncle Allan

  • Old and New Business

  • Site Selection (Volunteers)

  • 2020 (Oklahoma)

  • 2020 (Dallas, TX)

  • Vice President position filled for Council by Dr. Lee Patterson

  • Committee Reports

  • Genealogy

  • Health and Wellness

  • Scholarship – Eddie is transitioning the duties and responsibilities to Erika Alford-Dooley of Dallas, TX. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to Eddie for a job well done!!

  • Technology

  • Time and Place

Day Party

The family-friendly reunion Saturday Day party included a red carpet graced with the names of our ancestors and an indoor stage fit for the Alford royalty. The midday act was a loud, competitive game of Family Feud. A family that plays together will feud together!!! It was hilarious and so competitive!!!

The event had a full line up of entertainment and speakers, with one of the highlights being Dr. Rap aka Dr. Emily Patterson-Harris performing “All THE WAY UP.” She had everyone turned up – young and old.

It was important to document this large reunion, so all the “relatives” came together for one big family photo. The family photo was simply awesome! To see that many Alford’s in one photo. Beautiful!!!

The evening ended with a young adult outing to Dave and Buster’s. It was a great time for the millenials to connect and spend more time with just their peers.

Alford Store

The Alford Store was the brainchild of MyTay Green and what a great idea!!! The Alford Store opened its doors for the first time July 7, 2018 at the Montellano. What a huge success. The 2018 inventory consisted of Alford T-Shirts, Alford Hoodies, Alford Aprons, Wine by the “Alford

Brothers” (Marquis & Sterling); Snaps by DeeDee (Montria Denise Alford); personalized make up bags and cups by Stacey M. Williams-Carr. A 2nd edition of the Alford Cookbook (created by Gloria Alford-Carr) was sold with all proceeds going to the “Alford Scholarship Fund.” The talents of this family continue to amaze us all. The family “shopped Til They Dropped” all in the name of family support.

We had a children’s corner where the budding family historians in the making could draw to their hearts content. They had their fill of toys, gift certificates, etc.

Proceeds obtained on Saturday (Day Party):

Aprons (12) $ 180.00

Cookbooks (24) $ 420.00

Hats (32) $ 635.00

Hoodies (23) $ 275.00

T-Shirts (33) $ 270.00

Total for Cookbooks to date: $ 640.00


We thank you for your interest and support of our children. (Balance as of June 30, 2018)

Balance Brought Forward: $ 1,521.49

Contributions since June 30, 2016 $ 1,175.00

Total Awards (2 - $300 each) ( 600.00)

Balance as of 6/30/2018 $ 2,096.49