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A Look at Tulsa History

We are honored to share this NPR interview of Brenda Nails Alford who gives an eloquent account of the race massacre in Tulsa, OK. A descendant from an entrepreneurial family, she shares the account of her own successful Black Wall Street family and the horror that traumatized them. Awesome interview! Make sure you stop by and personally congratulate Brenda while you are at the Clearview Open Rodeo on August 3-4, 2020.

Brenda Nails Alford is the wife of Romeo Alford, who is the son of Romeo & Louise Alford, Sr.; G/Grandson of Wesley Alford; and G/G/Grandson of Matthew Solomon Alford. She is also the proud mother of Jordan Alford.

A Survivor's Granddaughter Reflects On Tulsa Race Massacre: 'It Was A Horrendous Situation'