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The 2019 Alford Graduating Class

There are so many reasons to be proud of your Alford heritage. But the greatest sense of pride comes from the amazing accomplishments of the Alford youth. There is so much negativity in the headlines that it is easy to be discouraged by the things you see and hear about young people today. We hope that you have taken the time to congratulate every Alford graduate this season. It takes only a moment to let our youth know that you are paying attention and are extremely proud of them. We have celebrated 20 Alford graduates this season. We continue to be captivated by the academic performance and outstanding achievements of all our Alford millennials. Each of them could have made other choices, but with great parents, prayer, discipline and Alford wisdom they are all bright and shining stars for our future. We salute you all for a job well done.

~The Alford Communications Committee

Gloria Alford-Carr & MyTay Black-Green

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