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Lauren Ashley Beck’s Survivor Contestant Recap

Beginning the game on the Vokai tribe, 28 year old Lauren Ashley Beck formed a quick friendship with Tommy Sheehan after they initially bonded over their loved ones. This connection among others allowed Lauren to seemingly form a tight alliance consisting of herself, Tommy, Dan Spilo, Janet Carbin, and Kellee Kim. Under Lauren's direction, the group blindsided Molly Byman at Vokai's first Tribal Council to weaken her influence on the tribe.

Lauren remained on Vokai after the Tribe Switch on Day 12, alongside allies Dan, Tommy, and Jason Linden, though they found themselves in a precarious 4-4 split against members of the original Lairo tribe. When Vokai lost immunity on Day 16, the four conspired with Aaron Meredith to target Elaine Stott. At Tribal Council, however, Elaine revealed that she had a Vote Blocker advantage, which she used against Jason, ultimately allowing the original Lairo members to vote him out. Now relegated to the minority, Lauren and Tommy attempted to throw Dan under the bus to protect themselves, but the original Lairo contingent became suspicious of them and considered voting out Tommy if they lost again.

When the tribes merged into the Lumuwaku tribe on Day 20, Lauren and Tommy attempted to rekindle their alliance with Janet and Kellee. However, the two sensed that Kellee would not be loyal to their alliance after she entertained the possibility of voting out Dan, resulting in her eventual elimination. When a Double Elimination twist temporarily split up the Lumuwaku tribe on Day 27, Janet appeared to be the next to go due to her previous attempt to take out Dan. However, Lauren and the other former Vokai decided that Aaron was a bigger threat, blindsiding him and reestablishing their original Vokai alliance.

The next day, Lauren volunteered to go to the Island of the Idols, where she accepted the mentors' challenge, which required her to correctly pick who would win the next individual Immunity Challenge in exchange for a Hidden Immunity Idol that would be valid for the following two Tribal Councils. With the players having the option to either eat or compete, Lauren focused all of her energy on convincing everyone except Elizabeth Beisel and Noura Salman, the two players she picked to win immunity, to sit out of the challenge. Noura went on to win the challenge, granting Lauren a Hidden Immunity Idol. However, Karishma Patel's idol play at Tribal Council that night prompted Lauren to play her own idol to be safe. This proved to be for naught, as she did not receive any votes against her and Elizabeth was voted out instead.

On Day 30, Janet and Tommy won the Loved Ones Challenge and decided to take Lauren and Dan with them on the reward. This caused Noura to realize that she was on the outs of their alliance, and she conspired to target Lauren with Elaine, Karishma, and Dean Kowalski because of her strong social game. However, Lauren won immunity, foiling their plan, with Karishma being voted out that night, followed by Elaine. At the final five, Janet attempted to eliminate Lauren with her own idol; however, Lauren and Tommy got Dean to use his Idol Nullifier to cancel Janet's idol, sending her to the jury.

After Noura won the Final Immunity Challenge on Day 38, Lauren was unhappy to hear that even though Noura considered Lauren her "number one ally", she would be facing Dean in the fire-making challenge. Lauren desperately tried to practice making fire, only for Noura to continuously distract her by attempting to explain her decision. At Tribal Council, Lauren was able to start a fire, but ultimately lost to Dean, becoming the tenth and final member of the jury.

At the Final Tribal Council, Lauren asked Tommy who he was most loyal to. Her loyalty to Tommy remained as she voted for him to win the title of Sole Survivor, which he ultimately did in a 8-2-0 vote.

Fun facts: Lauren lasted the longest without receiving elimination votes against her in Island of the Idols. Lauren lost 18 lbs. during her time on Island of the Idols. She is back in Glendale and staying busy with her podcast, modeling and acting.

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