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Birth of Arii'Anna Jeanine Alford

The angels are smiling at the arrival of Arii'Anna Jeanine Alford. This precious gift arrived on June 26, 2019, weighing in at 5lbs and 8oz and measuring 18in long. Congratulations to Travez Tvez Tvez Ja'vell Alford Sr. and Tasha Nicole Baldwin on their beautiful bundle of joy.

Arii’Anna Jeanine Alford is the daughter of Travez Ja'vell Alford, Sr.; Granddaughter of Sarah S Jeanine Alford; G/Granddaughter of Juanita Howard & George Alford; G/G/Granddaughter of James Willie Alford, Sr.; and G/G/G/Granddaughter of Lafayette “Fate” Alford.

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