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Celebrating Black Love!

The foundation of every family are the couples who make the family strong. And black love is evident despite what the news media would like us to believe. We are proud to say that our family is built on devotion, commitment and adoration. The Alford family honors the institution of marriage and all the joy and challenges it brings. Today we celebrate the twosomes of who are sticking it and showering each other in love. Valentine’s Day Love is in the air! Join us as we shouting out some of our favorite Alford couples:

1. The Baul’s

2. The Park’s

3. The Weldon’s

4. The Alford’s

5. The Engstrom’s

Here is a toast to love Alford style:

1. The Bennett’s

2. The Green’s

3. The Davison’s

We love to see it! Here is a cheer to martial bliss.

1. The Bobbitt’s

2. The Jennings’

3. The Dooley’s

4. The Jackson’s

5. The Saddler’s

Love is overflowing. Five more of our favorite couples.

1. The Alfred’s

2. The Tachera’s

3. The Samuels’

4. The Alford’s

5. The Bradley’s

Fun Fact: These couples represent a few of our favorite places: New York, Texas, Minnesota, California and Illinois.

1. The Tibbs’

2. The Alfred’s

3. The Morgan’s

4. The Garvis’

5. The Taylor’s

We aren’t through! Valentine’s Day Love is still in the air. Cheers to black love:

1. The Gibbs’

2. The Spencer’s

3. The Carter’s

4. The Thompson’s

5. The Johnson’s

Last one! What is more romantic than love? Fun fact: Together these Alford couples are the parents of 16 kids combined.

1. The Harris’

2. The Alford’s

3. The Marsh’s

4. The Gantt’s

5. The Barnes’


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