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Mourning Eric Stockman

June 18, 1958 – July 9, 2022

Eric Stockman

Our family is sad to share news of the passing of Eric Stockman. Eric passed away on July 9, 2022, at age 64, after a long battle with cancer.

Eric was born in Livingston, CA on July 18, 1958. He was a long-time resident of Stockton, California. He held a Master of Education from University of the Pacific. A lover of World and American history, he touched the lives of many students during his tenure as a teacher of the subjects. His passions spilled over to his love for music. He enjoyed playing guitar and enjoyed listening to classic rock. A sporting man, he was an avid fisherman, player, and teacher of softball and tennis. One of his tennis students caught his eye and heart. She would become his wife of 23 years. Together they had one daughter Sidney Grace Stockman, who is currently attending Boston University School of Medicine.

Eric is survived by his wife Elizabeth “Beth” Young-Stockman, daughter Sidney and a host of family, students, and friends.

Eric will be memorialized in a private ceremony at a later date. Please keep the Stockman family in your prayers.

Eric Stockman is the husband of Elizabeth “Beth” Young-Stockman. Beth Young-Stockman is the daughter of Mattie Lois Young; Granddaughter of Minnie (Alford) Matlock; and G/Granddaughter of Matthew Solomon Alford.


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