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MIT Graduate Jordan Louise Alford

Today we were honored to witness Jordan Louise Alford have the opportunity to have an in person 2020 graduation ceremony at MIT In Boston, Massachusetts! We continue to be so proud of the wonderful young lady you are and your continuous journey towards excellence!

We truly miss the presence of our beloved Romeo and Louise Alford, but know that their love, pride, and support of you will follow you throughout your life.

As we prepare to commemorate the anniversary of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, it is sooo amazing to witness the great granddaughter of Race Massacre Survivors, and Black Wall Street Entrepreneurs complete a double major in Chemical Engineering and Spanish. She will continue this legacy of excellence at Stanford University as a Wade Scholar!! Congratulations, Jordan! Job well done. You are the Nails & Alford Legacies’ Wildest Dream!

Jordan is the daughter of Romeo & Brenda Alford, Jr.; Granddaughter of Romeo & Louise Alford, Sr.; G/Granddaughter of Wesley Dow & Emily Alford; G/G/Granddaughter of Matthew Solomon Alford.


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