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Mourning the Loss of Johnny L. Staggers

Johnny L. Staggers

The Alford family mourns the loss of Johnny Lee Staggers. He was born on June 12, 1947, in Buchanan, Michigan, to Mr. & Mrs. Lavelle and Lula Mae Foster Staggers. Johnny graduated from Dunbar High School, and shortly after graduation he joined the United States Army. Johnny was relocated back home near family and friends, where he attended the tech school and graduated.

Having taken up upholstery in his twilight years, he met a guy named Howard also known as "Speedy." Speedy introduced Johnny to Zenobia, and she became his wife of 45 years. He always wanted a loving big family, and together they had seven children: four girls, Tonya, Sheila, Barbarbra, and Mose; and three sons, Maurice, Lyndon, and Elliot.

After doing upholstery, he started working for Rural Electric. He loved spending time with family and friends, shooting pool, cleaning cars, fishing, and making sure everyone was cool by maintaining the air conditioning.