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New Arrival Israel Taleno, Jr.

Congratulations to Courtney Robinson and Israel Shalom Taleno, Sr. on the early arrival of Israel Shalom Taleno, Jr. The handsome “baby bear” arrived 8 weeks early on November 23, 2023, at 4:46pm and spent 3 weeks in the NICU. He weighed in at 4lbs 6.9oz

Israel Shalom Taleno, Jr. is the son of Courtney Robinson & Israel Shalom Taleno, Sr.; Grandson of Corkie Robinson, Jr. aka “Sugar Bear” & Yolanda Robinson ; Great-Grandson of Jewel Alford-Robinson (Jewel Robinson) & Corkie Robinson, Sr.; Great-Great-Grandson of Scoby Alford, Sr. & Pearl Alford; and Great-Great-Great-Grandson of Lafayette “Fate” Alford & Jennie Avance-Alford.


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