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Adam Daniel “Penhyte” Anderson, Sr.

The Alford family sadly mourns the loss of Adam Daniel “Pen” Anderson, Sr., who was called to eternal rest on August 19, 2016. He was 91 years old.

Pen was born July 15, 1925 to Daniel Anderson and Ida Collins in Lenna, OK. He grew up in the care and guidance of Ennie and Ruth Graham, where he enjoyed good cooking and the excitement of rodeos. Pen accepted Christ at an early age. He joined the Pilgrim Baptist Church and later united with the Holy Temple House of Prayer, Grayson, OK; under the direction of Pastor Carrie Lewis in 2000 until his passing.

Pen had a good life. He enjoyed spending time with family and friends. He was united in marriage to Ruby Alford in 1947. This marriage was later dissolved. One of Pen’s favorite quotes, “Time Waits for No Man, it Moves On.”