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Alford’s Giving Back and Striving for Success’ with We Are Educated

Ayanna C. Spivey is making an impact through community outreach. This year she launched a nonprofit that is centered on the promotion of historically black colleges and universities. It's mission is to preserve the legacy and heritage of HBCUs by inspiring the youth and elevating the African American community through service and promoting higher learning and the ultimate college experience with a primary focus on high school students in urban areas. We Are Educated, LLC raises scholarships money for students attending HBCUs. Ayanna raises money through charitable donations and t-shirt sales garnering the We Are Educated, LLC logo. This year she raised over 1000 dollars in scholarships for two students; a first-time freshman at Howard university, and a junior, at Ayanna's alma mater, Southern University. It is her hope to expand the organization and double her donations in 2017.

If you would like to support you can follow @WeAreEducatedllc on Instagram, or like the Facebook page. If you would like to learn more information about We Are Educated, LLC, please direct inquires to

Ayanna is the daughter of Lisa Remson, Granddaughter of Celestine Remson Alford (Wylie), and G/Granddaughter of Claud Belva Alford.

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